Resources that Transform

Fort Wayne Adult & Teen Challenge is about more than just changing a person’s outward behavior. We know it takes a heart change to start and sustain positive transformation, and only Jesus can transform the heart. We also know that addiction touches a person’s friends, family, and loved ones. Here we provide resources that are designed to help you, whether you are struggling with life controlling issues, or you love someone who is.

Resources for Parents of Teens

There is no question that navigating life with a teenager can be difficult. Changes happen quickly for teens and can leave them scrambling for some sort of control or way to escape. Sometimes, when your teen gets too overwhelmed, they may turn to drugs, alcohol, or other means of emotional escape. If you are unsure whether or not your child needs help, here are a few of the most common signs of alcohol and/or drug addiction. If you are concerned your teen may need be struggling with drugs, alcohol, or other life controlling issues, we are here to help: Contact Us for more information.

Physical Symptoms

  • For many people, the most obvious signs of needing drug addiction help, center around their physical symptoms. Common signs of substance abuse addiction are rapid weight loss, lack of energy, pale and sallow skin, and more. Tremors can also be a common indicator, as well as insomnia and hair loss. Changes in your teen’s overall appearance may be an indication of needing drug addiction help as well. If your teen used to take care of their appearance and now they don’t, that is a sign that something may be wrong. While it may not be a substance addiction, your teen may be struggling with something and needs someone to talk to.

Needing Money

  • Drug habits get increasingly more expensive as addiction progresses. The more someone uses a drug, they begin to develop a tolerance to it, making it harder to get the high they desire. This pursuit of a high will cost more and more money because it requires more (and perhaps different) drugs. If your teen has been asking for more money, or if you notice money disappearing, it may be a sign that your teen needs drug addiction help.

Withdrawing from Loved Ones

  • While there are a variety of physical signs that may indicate the need for drug addiction help, there are also a number of mental and emotional indicators as well. A common sign of underlying issues is if your teen is withdrawing from loved ones with whom they used to have a very close relationship. When people hide their struggles, especially drug or alcohol addiction, they have a tendency to isolate themselves from the people closest to them. While changing friends or disconnecting from loved ones may not be caused by addiction, it is often an indication that your teen is struggling with some overwhelming life issue. When paired with physical indicators, withdrawing from loved ones may be a sign of addiction.

Resources for Loved Ones

This section contains resources we hope will minister to friends, family, and loved ones. We will be adding resources as they become available. If you don’t see something that addresses your questions or need, please feel free to reach out to us!

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